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    The Art of Resilience: 40 Stories to Uplift the Mind and Transform the Heart


    Losing sleep over what others think about you? Or can’t care less? Happiness in life nonetheless depends on what you think about yourself.
    Social media has certainly given us individual authorship over how we present ourselves to the world. Susceptible to live by the dictates of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ of others, we network with the world in a carefully filtered image of ourselves. But is it truly our authentic self that we are presenting to the world? Can it cater to lasting happiness and honest relationships?
    In this first volume of Yoga Stories, Gauranga Das takes you on an inner journey to explore your inner self, beyond the hills of expectation, through the valleys of disapproval, and beneath the layers of self-deception. Thus, bringing you closer to the home of your heart, enabling you to open the door and introduce yourself, to finally meet the real you.

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