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Sandalwood (Chandan wood)


Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits List:

  • Sandalwood Can Bring Peace To You.
  • It Can Calm You Down.
  • It Stimulates Awareness When Needed.
  • It Brings Good Luck To One.
  • Get’s Rid Of Negative Energy Around You.
  • Sandalwood Can Helps You Concentrate.
  • It Can Relieve Stress When Needed.
  • Helps You Sleep Better.
  • Controls Anger.
  • Helps Mentally.
  • Helps With Meditation.
  • Sandalwood Helps Physically.
  • Helps With Spiritual Yoga.
  • Sandalwood Can Take You To A Spiritual World.
  • Better Spiritual Energy/Benefits
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Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits


The spiritual benefit of sandalwood is that it can calm one when needed, it can stimulate awareness help bring good luck, it can get rid of any negative energy around you, will helps you concentrate, can get rid of stress, it helps with sleep, can control anger, helps mentally, helps with meditation, and it can help physically. Sandalwood and its spiritual benefits is great and can help out immensely with the spiritual vibe. Spiritual sandalwood is extremely useful during meditation or yoga. Sandalwood has been around for thousands of years. In history we see many people use sandalwood to guide them to a more positive spiritual path.

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    Anita Agarwal
    Why was this information given here .I want to know that where are the chandan balls and if it is available or not.
    Reply from Developer:
    Hare Krishna! Chandan Balls are not available. We have Chandan Powder available that you can find in Pooja Items section.
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Sandalwood (Chandan wood)
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