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By chanting Hare Krishna, we reap innumerable benefits. Chanting calms the mind, clarifies our thinking, brings unlimited happiness and auspiciousness, and purifies the consciousness, culminating in Krishna consciousness, or love of God. We can control our mind, instead of letting it control us. When the mind focuses on Hare Krishna mantra, we become fully energetic, confident, and blissful. Anxieties, worries, and unnecessary wavering are overcome. A peaceful self is the basis for a happy and productive life.

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Chanting Hare Krishna is composed of selections from Srila Prabhupada’s books, lectures, conversations, and letters.
This collection of teachings offers practical guidance on chanting Hare Krishna, from the most basic understanding and progressing through kirtan, japa, initiation, sankirtana, and ultimately to the perfection of chanting – ecstatic love of God.
The compiler’s goal was to provide a condensed collection of Prabhupada’s teachings that will encourage the newcomer to take up chanting, the serious chanter to understand the significance of initiation and the ten offenses, and the newly initiated to practice more strictly, seriously, and sincerely.

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