Mahabharat for Young Readers and Adults- English


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Mahabharat for Young Readers and Adults is a sweet narratives by R. Govinda. R. Govinda is a graduate of ISKCON Gurukula system, and from very young age, Mahabharat has held indelible impressions on her mind. She had thus meticulously penned this greatest epic of all time for the young readers.

Arjuna pulled the string of his bow making a tumultuous sound that immediately quietened the rowdy crowd. Draupadi’s heartbeat quickened seeing the young, handsome and determined Brahmin walk towards the pond. His hair was pulled back and tied in a bun showing all the masculine features of his face. His arms were long and muscular and his chest was broad.

Putting his hands together in respect, he bowed to the elders and then he bowed to Krishna. There was pin-drop silence as Arjuna fixed an arrow in the bow, and looking down into the pond, deep in concentration, Arjuna pierced the eye of the fish with a single shot.

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Mahabharat for Young Readers and Adults- English

Availability: In stock